NBT Bank Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

Routing Numbers

So Routing Numbers are the one which helps you to do and receive wire transfers into your account, every bank has its own routing number based on its locations.

Nbt Bank Routing Number – 021303618

How to do Nbt Bank Wire Transfer

Follow the below-given steps to do a perfect Wire Transfer all to any banks that you’ll like to make the transfer

First of all wire transfer can actually be done in two types namely

  • Domestic Wire Transfer.
  • International Wire Transfer.

First, let’s us see on how to do International Wire Transfer with the NBT bank below

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International Wire Transfer

For most of the international transfers to get one, you’ll definitely need the swift code and in Nbt bank also you are gonna need the swift code for sure.

Swift Code – NBTNUS31

Bank Address – Norwich

And then the regular beneficiary details and you fill it and if they ask routing number you can add it too.

Fees for International Wire Transfer -$12 to $ 50 depending on the types of transfer

Domestic Wire Transfer

For the Domestic Wire Transfer the same procedure of International wire transfer but except you need not to enter the swift code, only a routing number is enough for it.

Fees for Domestic Wire Transfer – $12 to $28 which kind of includes all incoming and outgoing transfers.

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